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Welcome to Teddy O'Toole's and A Professional Answering Service...
A leader in the phone answering industry!

Teddy O’Toole’s Answering Service began operation in 1954, and was dedicated to providing a link between the studios' need for stunt men and women, and her clients’ providing information available for daily work.
It can be said Teddy began, the first Social Network – for she was relentless in her quest to provide reliable, updated information of daily work to the stunt men and women in her clientele. During difficult times, she maintained her clients' interests carried them as her own, and helped make the tough job market easier to endure. Teddy was special, for she was loved by all who worked with her, and loved for what she did, and the family she created in the process.

In the 1990's, Teddy O'Toole's was acquired by Ingrid Youngs, who similarly pursued the same course of action, however, as times changed with the Digital Revolution, Teddy O'Toole's began upgrading to the latest, most sophisticated digital tools available. Ingrid Young's intention for Teddy O'Toole's is and always has been to preserve the integrity, and history of the stuntman and stuntwoman, with the ability to utilize the tools and relationships we have amassed over the years to gain the employment you need and recognition you deserve.

Teddy O'Toole's is positioned to give you the purest, most current information daily. Check the job board often, to find daily work opportunities.

Teddy O'Tooles is your absolute source for work, professional care and the utmost consideration!

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